he Eastern Orthodox Christian Church is the original and true Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ and continued by his Apostles.  Throughout its 2000 year history Orthodoxy has remained faithful to the traditions and Holy Faith laid down by Christ and the early Church Fathers. 
he word "Orthodox" comes from the Greek words, "ortho" and "doxa" meaning right belief.  The Syriac-Greek Antiochian Synod is the body of Bishops in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, originally known as the American Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese (1892).

his was  the first uniquely American jurisdiction to be formed with the blessing of His Holiness Ignatius Peter III of Antioch.  It was the first Western Rite jurisdiction to offer the Divine Liturgy and other servics in English and allowed vernacular to be used wherever the jurisdiction had parishes throughout the world.  The very first  Western Rite parish in the United States was established by Metropolitan Timotheos.
t is a canonical autocephalous jurisdiction that adheres to the Rudder (Canon Law) of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, the Teachings of Christ God, the Early Church Fathers, the Ecumenical and Local Councils, and the ancient customs of the Orthodox Christian Church.  It also possesses a valid priesthood and episcopacy coming from the Syrian and Russian Orthodox Successions.  It uses the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom with Syriac-Greek Typicon (Rubrics).

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Synod of Bishops
Metropolitan Archbishop Primate
Archbishop Coadjutor & Vicar General
Archbishop of Nigeria and All Africa
Chorbishop of India
Chorbishop of Alaska

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