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By His Beatitude Metropolitan +Stephen

Glory to God! We now have a new President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. I realize there is much conflict in this election and some are happy and others are not, but he is the man who was chosen and we must all respect this. His job will not be easy so we must all pray that he will do a good job. We must pray for him and all the members of the Congress and  members of the Senate that all will support the work of and for the people and the decisions made which will help all Americans and our relations with the world powers so that peace will prevail. Let us pray that all things that will change be for the good of the people.

We must all be willing to give the President-elect, and our Vice-President-elect the a chance to prove themselves and serve our needs faithfully and responsibly. We must make his responsibilities easier by standing with him in support of the right things he will do for our country; he said he would be president for all of us. Accept, support, and respect that those who voted on November 8th, whether you agree or disagree with them, as they made the decisions in their hearts, and let us all respect those who made their decisions via our electoral process. Doing this all is the way of our democracy. Prayer for our leaders is the way of Christians (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

Please channel your anger, hurt, disappointment, and energy to those feelings that will help this country. Let our government know what you hold dear to you and expect them to listen to you and respond to you as they should. Stay in touch with your Congressmen and Senators if you do not get results. Support organizations that you favor and believe in. Be a good American. You must learn to express your concerns. End the protests and begin the support which will make us One in America and in Christian-values.

God bless us all especially those elected to serve us under God!

His Beatitude Metropolitan +Stephen
V Primate of the Church




St Mark Seminary & Graduate School

If you have applied to complete the Introductory Course in Energy Psychology Interactive as a requirement for either a Continuing Education Unit or Credit requirement or a Study required in an academic program. A nit of credit customarily used for continuing education courses means that one (1) continuing education unit equals ten (10) hours of classroom or distance education study in approved continuing education course.

    "A continuing education unit (CEU) or continuing education credit (CEC) is a measure used in  programs, particularly those required in a  , for the professional to maintain the license. Examples of people who need CEU or CEC units or credits include: teachers, architects, engineers, emergency management professionals, clergy, educators, nurses, mental health professionals, and social workers. Generally, a CEU is defined as ten hours of participation in a recognized continuing education program."

From the Commission :

CEU records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification and licensing agencies in various professional occupations such as medicine, healing arts, counseling, law, et cetera, in the governmental, medical, religious ministry, and other professional venues. The Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing is one such organization that requires such an annual requirement to maintain its professional quality among its licensed members. CEU and CEC are recorded in the file of every member for verification. CEC is awarded when one wants to transfer the course taken to an academic process at St Mark's. For the CEU, you will receive fifteen (15) units for satisfactory completion; for the CEC, you will receive three (3) academic credits for satisfactory completion which can be transferred to a degree process at St Mark's. If you wish to transfer your CE units to CE credit there is a fee of $75.00. For more information contact us at  and advise us of what you wish. In this case your CE units remain but you will also be awarded CE credit.

Study Guidelines Please Read :

  1. The CD (Compact Disc) is mostly to give additional information on the two textbooks to be read. Listen to this first before beginning. Type a summary of what you listened to in about 300 words or less.
  2. Read both textbooks and offer an essay on both to be at least four (4) pages or more in length. Consult the "Academic Manual" for policies governing the preparation of essays. If you do not have this manual, email us and advise
  3. Send Essays to: SMSGS Administration, Commission on Religious Counseling & Healing, 456 Nimick Street, Sharon PA 16146.


from Provider Kristen Honey

By Kristin Hawkins

Edited by OCH

At the beginning of this fall, our team made a commitment to make sure we showed up at every place Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, appeared and to make sure she knew that this generation of young people are pro-life.

We made this promise to make sure that not only did Cecile Richards knew that we are rejecting her organization's $38 million dollar cycle of corruption to elect pro-abortion leaders in Washington, but also to our nation's news media. And it's been an exhausting two months, but we've kept our promise. This week, our team and our #PinkFleet van was in Denver protesting as Cecile Richards was the keynote at the American Medical Association annual meeting. In addition, our team and the #PinkFleet van was in Washington, D.C. when the Executive Director of the new mega Planned Parenthood abortion facility spoke at George Washington University. And when Cecile was in Columbia, Missouri yesterday, our students were there as well.

Despite our efforts and prayers, I don't know how this election will unfold. But I do know this: the pro-life generation isn't going to go away. Win or lose, we will be here on November 9th because of our mission is not simply about winning elections; it's much bigger than that. It's about changing our culture. Because let's face it, we can elect all of the pro-life politicians we want and pass all of the pro-life laws that we can, but if this generation of young people don't grow up to become pro-life citizens, it will all go away in 20 or 30 years. We're in it for the long haul at Students for Life. And for us, that starts with standing up to the $1 billion dollar industry that is Planned Parenthood. We aren't going to let their corruption or dirty influence scare us into submission.

[We] hope you can stand with our generation today and help us with donations to support our work from your members, this is a tax-deductible gift. We do this everyday, on every campus we visit. Our more than 1,000 Students for Life groups will not rest on November 9th. Our mission will move forward until that day when abortion is not only illegal but unthinkable in our nation. As we rush to fit in our very last stops on our fall tour and our #PinkFleet vans start making their way back to our office in Virginia, please keep our team in your daily prayers.

    Dear Archbishop Timothy,

    I know I've asked for your support a lot these past few weeks, and I'll probably need your help again before November.

    However, this morning, I wanted to take a few minutes just to thank you for everything you are allowing the pro-life generation to do across our nation and share some updates with you.

    Update on the Discrimination Case in Nebraska:

    A few weeks ago, I asked you to call a school outside of Omaha and ask them to give our Students for Life group there the same rights as other student clubs. After repeatedly saying they did nothing wrong, the school responded to our lawsuit threat and changed its policies to make sure they are treating our SFL group the same as other student organizations. But they made the most inconsiderate choice possible by deciding to just ban all student groups from the privileges that the SFL group didn't have, like meeting during school hours, which was more convenient and could have included more students.

    Instead of just letting our Students for Life group be like any other group, they were so afraid of our message that they decided to treat every group fairly by taking away privileges form all student clubs . It's shocking to me that people are still so afraid of the truth. Don't worry though, our group there is more determined than ever to stand up and educate their peers about abortion. Please keep them in your prayers!

    Cycle of Corruption Tour is changing minds!

    For the past month, I've been asking for your support for our new Cycle of Corruption Tour that's being carried to dozens of college campuses this semester by our #PinkFleet vans.

    Late last week, the tour and one of our #PinkFleet vans was at Colorado State University right outside of Denver. Our Students for Life group was engaging in thoughtful conversations with their peers as they walked them through the tour, explaining the Democratic and Republican platforms on abortion and showing how Planned Parenthood uses our tax dollars to buy off politicians that agree with their radical stance on abortion.

    During the tour stop, we had three college guys become pro-life after talking with our well-trained student leaders there, and we recorded the stories of what happened on video to share with you! Please click the videos below to watch them or click here and here.

    This is what you are allowing us to do on every college campus our tour reaches this fall. You allow us to train students in how to persuade their peers and you allow us to turn away young people form the Culture of Death. I simply can't thank you enough!

    SFLA surprises Cecile Richards in Philadelpia and Iowa!

    For the past few weeks, Cecile Richards has been hitting the road to campaign for Hillary Clinton. So, we've made it our mission to be there on every campus she visits, with our #PinkFleet and student leaders to tell this generation the truth about Planned Parenthood and their Cycle of Corruption.

    Two weeks ago when she was in Iowa, our student leaders were actually the only young people in her entire audience! Talk about winning! For two days, they went everywhere she was and made sure all the local press knew that this generation is opposed to the abortion Goliath.

    And this week, you allowed us to get to Philadelphia to be there to "greet" her when she arrived at Temple University. I've included a picture of our Students for Life group and our #PinkFleet van that was there making sure every student attendee saw and read the truth about Planned Parenthood. Thank you for making this last minute mobilization happen!

    From the Bottom of My Heart, I Thank You!

    Archbishop Timothy, I'm sorry for sending you such a long update today but trust me, this is the shortened version. Everyday our team is on at least 15 campuses or speaking to hundreds of students at rallies and you make it all possible. In fact, you are always with us. Together, we are going to transform our culture and abolish abortion in our lifetime.

    Thank you.

    For Life,


    Kristan Hawkins
    President, Students for Life

    P.S. - We only have a few more campuses left to reach on our nationwide  campus tour, educating this generation about the ugly truth behind Planned Parenthood and their political influence. We only have $12,472 left to raise of our $57,000 goal.

      Send donations to:

        Students for Life of America
        4755 Jefferson Davis Highway
        Fredericksburg, VA 22408
        Office: 540.834.4600

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