Official Acts of the Metropolitanate


Minor Orders

  • Brother Christopher Andonian CSB will be ordained to the minor orders of Acolyte and Reader, and will serve as an Epistoler, i.e., one who reads the Epistle at Holy Liturgy of Mass and other services, sometime in December 2016.
  • Seminarian Michael Bohon will be ordained into the minor orders of the Church including the Subdiaconate sometime in the spring of 2017, to take place in Sharon Pennsylvania.



  • Rev Deacon James Stuck to establish St Thomas the Apostle Parish in Eaton Connecticut for the Primatial Archdiocese of the Americas & Dependencies in the fall of 2016.


2017 CODE OF CANONS & STATUES ( The Syriac-Greek Antiochene Primatial Archdiocese has announced that the new 2017 Code of Canons & Statutes will be ready for purchase by December 31, 2016. This will also be available online. The cost of the 2017 Code is $95.00 plus S&H. All clergy are required to have a copy of the 2017 Code, or to download it from your computer for reference in your parish offices. We apologize for the delay in this matter but with the health issues of His Beatitude we ran behind.

OFFICIAL COMMEMORATION AT ALL MASSES ( Ordered by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen, V Primate of the Church His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, enthroned as the 123rd Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch & All East on May 29, 2014, shall be commemorated in the Liturgy of the Mass and all other litanies in all services of the Church. Note of Interest: As His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II became the 123rd successor to the Patriarchal Throne of Antioch, we began our 123rd year as a jurisdiction that came from the Patriarchate of Antioch (1892). We are now in our 124th year as a jurisdiction as of May 29th, 2016 since May 29, 1892.

ANNUAL DAY OF COMMEMORATION ( Ordered by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen, V Primate of the Church Consecration of His Beatitude Metropolitan Timotheos Vilathi, I Primate, and the Establishment of the Church and Primatial Archdiocese in the United States on May 29, 1892. This shall be commemorated in all parishes on May 29 annually except if it falls on a Holy Day of Obligation, then it is transferred to the first Sunday after the Holy Day. Gold or White vestments shall be worn on this day and the Octave following the Feast.


Forthcoming Profession of Temporary Vows:

  • Novice Brother John Robinson CSB will be received into temporary profession of vows in the Community of St Basil sometime in the winter of 2016 at St Nicholas Chapel in Sharon Pennsylvania. He was received into the Novitiate of the Community of St Basil on Sunday January 18, 2015 in preparation of becoming a Brother of the Community. He will reside at St Nicholas Center in Sharon Pennsylvania and continue studies and preparation for the Monastic Brotherhood of the Community of St Basil.
  • Rev Deacon James J Stuck assigned administrator of a new parish to be formed in Eaton Connecticut under the patronage of St Thomas the Apostle. It is expected that this mission parish will begin sometime in early 2017. Reverend Deacon Stuck serves under the Primatial Archdiocese of the Americas & Dependencies.

Clergy Retirements:

Please keep all our retired clergy in your prayers.

  • Chorbishop Haralambos Winger CSB (USA) Retired/Sick Leave
  • Father Patrick Lemming (USA) Retired/Sick Leave
  • Father Sebastian Robles (Canada) Retired
  • Very Rev Thomas Dillon (USA) Limited Service

Forthcoming Ordination(s) Announced:

Note: Due to the unrest and turmoil going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo all ordinations in this country have been put on hold until further notice. Let us pray for immediate peace there.

Seminarians of the Primatial Archdiocese:


  • Deacon Paschal Emeodi at St Athanasius Seminary of Nigeria.
  • Deacon Marystephen Nwose at St Athanasius Seminary of Nigeria.
  • Deacon John Oluwanishola at St Athanasius Seminary of Nigeria .
  • Subdeacon Pachomius Tortya at St Athanasius Seminary of Nigeria.
  • Seminarian Ivan Kyambadde  through St Mark Seminary (USA) and St Athanasius Seminary (Nigeria)

United States:

  • Seminarian Michael Randy A Bohon (Florida)  St Mark Seminary & Graduate School (02.20.15)
  • Seminarian James Stuck (Connecticut), Major Seminarian (Scholastic), St Mark Seminary & Graduate School (01.22.13)
  • Seminarian Zachary Michael Battiato (Pennsylvania), Seminarian, St Mark Seminary & Graduate School (02.28.2014). This seminarian is being reviewed for possible discipline due to an extended leave-of-absence from his studies. Application for reinstatement pending as of December 29, 2015. Reinstatement approved June 15, 2016 pending his official reactivation in studies by November 01, 2016..
  • Mark Afzal (New York), Major Seminarian Subdeacon with St Mark Seminary & Graduate School (1989-2002 and re-entered studies on 03.27.15) but dismissed on June 10, 2016.

Baptisms & Chrismations:

  • 'Joanna' Janet Stuck was chrismated on Wednesday July 27, 2015 at St Ignatius of Antioch Parish, Sharon PA, by His Eminence Archbishop Timothy Kjera. Br Christopher Andonian CSB was her sponsor (godfather) for the event. Janet took the patronal name of St Joanna for her chrismation name.
  • 'Justin' Jefferey Fogel chrismated on April 18, 2015 at St Ignatius of Antioch Parish in Sharon PA by His Eminence Archbishop  Timothy Kjera with Br Christopher Andonian his godfather. Patronal Name: Justin.
  • 'James' Robert Poremski was chrismated on January 17, 2016 at St Nicholas Chapel in Sharon Pennsylvania with Br Christopher Andonian CSB as his godfather. Archbishop Timothy Kjera officiating. Patronal Name: James.

Prayers Requested:

  • Tiffany Rae Green the daughter of Drs Mark & Jana Green of Broken Arrow Oklahoma. She has been hospitalized for a serious illness. Please also pray for Mark and Jana's son Brandon.

Christ the Pantocrator Sovereign Order of Chivalry:

  • Receiving petitions now for the Sovereign Order from those who wish to be inducted into this most honorable society. Send your petition to be inducted to: His Eminence Archbishop Timothy Kjera, 456 Nimick Street, Sharon PA 16146 by March 15, 2016. Information and Manual can be requested by sending an email to .

New Commission Members and Licensed Providers:

  • Rev Carlos Reyes (Application Pending)
  • Anne Somanski (Application Pending Review)
  • Provider Nancy Cerniglia LACh (November 2016)
  • Provider Rachel Childress LACh (June 2016)
  • Provider Tammy Hughes LACh (June 2016)
  • Stephen Marone (Application Pending Review)



  • His Grace Bishop Adalbert of Cameroon pending the confirmation of his orders and parishes. (05.01.16). The Holy Metropolis is now reviewing his file and a decision to be made soon.



Established or Received Parishes:

  • Holy Apostles of Jesus Church, Kenya (2014)
  • St Gregory the Great Mission, Hemet CA (2016)
  • St Michael & All Archangels Mission, Largo FL (2016)
  • St Stephen Protomartyr Mission, Uganda (2015)
  • St Thomas the Apostle Mission, Eaton Connecticut USA (2016)

Missions Approved:

  • The Primatial See has approved the commencement of final plans to establish a mission parish in Eaton Connecticut under the administration of Rev Deacon James Stuck. This parish is expected to form during the spring of 2016. The patronal name of this mission is St Thomas the Apostle. This was made official on July 20, 2016 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen..
  • The Primatial See has approved the establishment of a mission parish in the Hubbard/Youngstown Ohio area under the patronal name of Christ the Savior. This was approved on July 21, 2016 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen. Plans are still pending at this time.
  • The Primatial See has approved the establishment of a mission parish in the Largo Florida area under the patronal name of St Michael & All Archangels. This was done on August 21, 2015 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen. Plans for this new mission to be updated soon. Parish is expected to form in the spring of 2016 and will be under the care of Seminarian Michael R Bohon.
  • The Primatial See has approved the establishment of a mission parish in Hemet California under the patronal name of St Gregory the Great Mission. This was done on August 24, 2016 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen. Plans are still pending at this time and is under the care of Father Ignatius James Reed CSB.

Dissolved or Relocating:

  • St Ignatius of Antioch Mission of Sharon Pennsylvania will currently celebrate Sunday Liturgy of Mass at St Nicholas Center, 456 Nimick Street, Sharon Pennsylvania during its search for another location. You may contact one of the priests at 724.308.6218.



  • His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen (Pennsylvania)
  • His Eminence Archbishop Timothy (Pennsylvania)
  • His Eminence Archbishop Anthony (New York)
  • Chorbishop Haralambos Winger (Alaska)
  • Chorbishop Kuriakos Thottupuram (Illinois)
  • Archdeacon John DeMeis (New York)
  • Father Ignatius Reed CSB (California)
  • Father Padraig Kneafsey CSB (Ireland)
  • Father Patrick Lemming (Tennessee)
  • Father Seraphim Kanagaratnam CSB (Malaysia)
  • Father Thomas Dillon (New Jersey)
  • Father Volodymir Raasch (Minnesota)
  • Brother Christopher Andonian CSB (Pennsylvania)
  • Vincent David Cappabianca (Pennsylvania)
  • Rev Mother Helena (Bofey) SSB (African Congo)
  • Sister Anna of the Convent of the Holy Virgin Mary (California)
  • Sister Katherine (California)
  • Dr Bruce Wright DCh FSAC
  • Dr Janet Maus DCh FSAC
  • Dr Janet Stuck DCh (Arizona)
  • Dr Joseph Bannon DCh FSAC (California)
  • Dr Karla VonEhrenkrook DCh (Arizona)
  • Dr Kathleen Kleiber DCh (Florida)
  • Dr Michael Farley ND DCh FSAC (West Virginia)
  • Dr Sandra Dobiash DCh FSAC ( )
  • Dr William Meeks DCh FSAC (Arizona)
  • Mr Albert Dobiash ( )
  • Mr Andrew Lucas (Illinois)
  • Mr Brandon Green (Oklahoma)
  • Mr Brandon Groner (Pennsylvania)
  • Mr Carl Maus (Maryland)
  • Mr Derek Meeks (Arizona)
  • Mrs Gretchen Lejeune (Texas)
  • Mr Hampton Bumgarner (Colorado)
  • Mr Howard Youngheim (Indiana)
  • Mrs Mary (Columbus) Smith (Indiana)
  • Ms Sandra Wiechnik (Indiana)
  • Ms Tiffany Green (Oklahoma)
  • Mr Vincent Colombo (Indiana)
  • For our Armed Forces everywhere who are suffering, injured, or who have lost their lives protecting the freedom of others, and for their families. For those suffering and dying during wars and turmoil in Syria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and all countries where fighting for freedom and positive changes in government are now going on.
  • For all Orthodox Christians throughout the world where terrorists are targeting Christians and the many who are being martyred for their Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith. For all our God-loving Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Monks, and Nuns, both living and dead, especially our Most Reverend Primate, His Beatitude Metropolitan Stephen, that he will have good health and many years in his service to God!. For all those killed in Syria, the United States, France, and many other countries by terrorists.
  • For His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Antioch and All East, that he will maintain good health and have many years in service to God as the 123rd  Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church!

Note: We ask that all readers and members of the Commission on Religious Counseling & Healing and our clergy to please keep in your prayers Dr Michael Farley DCh FSAC who is seriously ill at this time. We also ask your prayers for his wife, Anna.

 We ask all our readers to keep Dr Bruce Wright DCh FASC who has been ill for a long time in their prayers and has been fighting several serious medical conditions for over nineteen months.

Note: If you, or someone you know, is sick or suffering, please let us know and you (or they) will be added to the "OCH" Prayer List. Send full name, address, and age. Thank you.

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